Covid-19 As a large group of people living and working together, we have taken – and remain to take – the pandemic very seriously, and are continuing to take precautions. As such we require that all people staying need to be fully vaccinated, or make an appointment to get vaccinated immediately upon arrival, and follow the government regulations (for more info on traveling to England, see here). Those currently at the hotel have agreed not to visit places with high infection risk, such as pubs and clubs, and we will expect you to do the same, pending revision of the policy via collective agreement.

In the menu below are 4 tiers with different prices, for which spare rooms are prioritised in order:

  1. Grant Application (working on EA projects): [£0+/night]*
  2. Visiting a grantee and sharing a room with them [£6/night]
  3. Dorm room bed (not working on EA projects) [£25/night]
  4. Double room (not working on EA projects) [£50/night]

*subject to approval by the Board of Trustees if staying over a month. For more details see our Grant Making Policy.

Note that only dorm beds, and a small number of rooms, are typically available for non-grantees, dependent on spare capacity. Discounts are available for stays over 30 days, subject to room availability.

All prices include food (buffet breakfast, lunch and snacks, cooked dinner).

Note that the email receipt you receive will show nights booked, so for example, if leaving on the 15th and selecting this on the calendar, the booking will go to the (night of) the 14th.