Grant Making Policy

Last updated: October 2021

The Centre for Enabling EA Learning & Research (CEEALAR) is a charity that principally makes grants to individuals in the form of providing free or subsidised serviced accommodation, with an (optional) moderate stipend for other living expenses (£30/week).

The trustees apply the charity’s funds at their discretion and in accordance with the charitable purposes and objectives of the charity.

Potential grantees are those who want to:

– further their education, via self-study, in fields such as economics, philosophy, science, AI, programming etc, in order to contribute to future efforts in various charitable activities related to Effective Altruism (EA), without having to worry about – or waste time – getting mostly irrelevant paid work in order to fund themselves.

– immerse themselves in desk-based research on their chosen subject without having to worry about fundraising, a job, grants, teaching, tenure etc.

– work on a mostly software or research based charitable project without having to worry about runway.

The application process:

– Applicants are invited to apply by filling out a form (selecting the first option), containing the following questions:

  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Email*
  • Phone*
  • LinkedIn profile / website / CV*
  • Please give a description of the work you intend to do during your stay, if accepted*
  • State how your work will further the charitable purposes listed here
  • Please write a short bio, to be displayed publicly on this page. We will also use this bio to introduce you to the rest of the guests. Feel free to copy-paste parts of your previous answer*
  • References [Two people who can vouch for you – names and emails/webpages]*
  • What would you do otherwise, if not granted a place?*
  • How much are you able to contribute toward your stay?* (£0 is fine!)
  • Do you require the £30/week stipend?*
  • Would you need to receive an additional grant (over and above the £30/week stipend) in order to pay for other expenses (travel, insurance, events…)?
  • What are you good at? (The ideal community would have a mix of skills. Please write down things that could be useful to others)
  • What roles you could take on a volunteer basis? (Examples: offering mental health support, reviewing work, helping in the kitchen, doing yoga classes, etc.)
  • I agree to the Code of Conduct
  • I agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • I agree to publicly report my progress and outputs (see Terms & Conditions)
  • Comments (concerns, suggestions etc):

– For stays of 30 days or under, basic vetting by a committee of the Trustees, Community Manager, and Advisors will be performed to check for any concerns, and the Community Manager or any Trustee can make a decision. 

– For stays over 30 days, the Community Manager or a Trustee will conduct video interviews with promising applicants. A report will then be sent to a committee of the Trustees, Community Manager, and Advisors to score applications on a scale relative to donating the cost of hosting the applicant to GiveDirectly. Space permitting, an estimated expected value of the proposed work equal to donating the cost of the stay to GiveDirectly is the bar to acceptance for grants of free or subsidised stays. This bar rises with diminishing capacity. A decision to reject or accept the application is made by majority of Trustees and/or Advisors assessing that application. Individual Trustees can veto applications. Trustees and Advisors can also contest applications, at which point there is further discussion and a decision made by the Trustees.


Greg Colbourn MSci (Astrophysics), PhD (Earth System Modelling). Founder of CEEALAR.

Florent Berthet BA, MA (Finance), BA (Cinema). Co-Founder & Director of Ecole Nikola Tesla.

Sasha Cooper BA (English and Philosophy), MA (Publishing and Editing). Software Developer at Founders Pledge.

Community Manager:

Denisa Pop BSc, MSc (Psychology), PhD (Human-Animal Interaction).


Michael Trzesimiech M.Phil (Philosophy). Program Manager & Community Liaison, Local Effective Altruism Network.

Laura Green BA (Political and Social Sciences), MSc (Economics). Co-Founder of Altruisme Efficace France.

Guest Representative Elected quarterly from grant recipients currently in residence.