Job: Community Manager

Full-time; Blackpool, UK. To start mid-late September.

Looking for a high-impact job in community management?

We are looking for a personable, empathetic, sociable, highly organised and conscientious person with high agency, or someone with a strong commitment to develop and embody those characteristics, to take on the challenge of managing our community at CEEALAR (affectionately called The EA Hotel).

We are a charity focused on providing a physical location to support people developing high impact careers through self-directed education and research. We provide individuals with accommodation and food, along with a community of their peers, while they upskill towards professional roles or further study programmes. Examples of roles our beneficiaries aim for include existential risk research, EA community building, operations, and many more. We have a constantly growing community of alumni and look to add more diversity to the projects we host.

What you’ll do

This is a very self-directed role. The trustees will be at your disposal for advice and any support we can provide, but we all live elsewhere – so you’ll need a high level of autonomous dedication to the continuing success and development of the project.

You will ideally thrive in situations where you have many competing priorities on your time – ‘herd of cats’ doesn’t begin to describe a hotel full of effective altruists.

Hours fluctuate – and part of your responsibility will be making sure you don’t overwork! – but this is a full time role with tasks that need doing daily. In your role, you will be focusing on community management, with the following responsibilities:

  • Answering email enquiries;
  • Coordinating with Trustees and Advisors to vet applicants;
  • Interviewing applicants via video call;
  • Grantee onboarding;
  • Maintain community morale at a high level, and resolve conflict if it arises;
  • Organise and host regular group meetings (e.g. a weekly Friday night meeting to discuss logistics, talks, events and any other business), in coordination with the Operations Manager;
  • Admin the CEEALAR Discord server;
  • Public communication (e.g. keeping the website up to date, posting updates to social media and the EA Forum);
  • Working with the other managers to ensure that all tasks have someone taking responsibility for them, and none fall between the cracks;
  • Covering holidays for other staff (food/inventory management, cooking, admin), and ensuring your own holidays are covered;
  • Ad hoc tasks as required (can be outsourced), including back end administration and organisation. We are a “start-up” charity, with few staff and many varied tasks that need doing.  Part of the job will be prioritising among, and figuring out how to get done, many tasks that aren’t on this list. We want you to be enthusiastic about the organisation thriving, and do what it takes for this to happen, in collaboration with our Operations Manager and Trustees.

We understand that moving to Blackpool can be a big change, but our centre is a diverse and lively place focused on both individual growth and solving pressing global problems. You can take a peek at your future coworkers and their projects, and find out more about CEEALAR, at


This position does not require any specific experience or qualifications, but prior experience of working or volunteering in a community management related role is a bonus; as is familiarity with Effective Altruism. The ideal candidate will be people oriented, and excited to help forward the missions of our grantees, and make CEEALAR a safe and welcoming space for everyone who is here. 

Compensation and benefits

You will benefit from free vegan food and accommodation* (a room with an en-suite bathroom), and earn a starting salary of £31,286 – £35,457 per year (full time, 40 hours a week; 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year), depending on experience, to scale upward with the expansion of the project. We also offer a budget for equipment and training for staff. 

Application process

Our application process is quick:

  1. You fill in this short form. Deadline Sunday 21st August (end of the day in your own timezone). (By August 29th you will receive an answer as to whether you are invited to interview);
  2. Interview with our team via video call (we estimate that it will take 1-2 weeks to confirm whether you’ve been selected or not – we plan to make the hire around the middle of September).
  3. A 3 month paid work trial / probationary period on site.

*worth £6,000+/year.