Expression of Interest: Executive Director

We’re hoping to hire an Executive Director for the Centre for Enabling EA Learning and Research (CEEALAR). While we await confirmation on funding, we are seeking expressions of interest in the role. Tentative deadline: End of September

CEEALAR is a charity which provides a physical location for people developing high impact careers through self-directed education and research. We provide EAs with accommodation and food, along with a community of their peers, while they upskill towards professional roles or further study programmes. Examples of roles our beneficiaries aim for include existential risk research, EA community building, charity entrepreneurship, and many more.

We are looking for a highly dynamic and strategic individual to lead CEEALAR’s growth. There is considerable flexibility for the candidate to shape the role according to their own strengths and preferences, but we envisage this being a 20-40 hour per week role, with the majority of working days spent on site in Blackpool.

What you’ll do

  • Developing and directing CEEALAR’s strategy and growth 
  • Overseeing finances, including developing budgets, improving our accounting system, running payroll and preparing annual reports for the Charity Commission
  • Securing funding for the charity, including writing grant applications and finding ways to diversify our funding streams
  • Acting as spokesperson for the charity, including writing articles about CEEALAR and representing CEEALAR at wider EA events
  • Leading our small team, including line managing 3 Operations Managers and interacting with the Board of Trustees, as well as overseeing recruitment
  • Ensuring CEEALAR adheres to all laws and regulations, for example HR, hospitality and charity law

Person specification

We recognise that we are asking for a diversity of competencies and encourage people who have even one of the concrete skills to apply. The job can be somewhat adapted to the skills of the successful candidate. 

  • A strong understanding of and commitment to CEEALAR’s mission, as well as to effective altruism more broadly. 
  • A strong strategic mind, with the ability to scope, plan and deliver CEEALAR’s growth while running day-to-day operations 
  • A good team leader, able to motivate and develop others 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A growth mindset – the ability to problem-solve and navigate challenges with persistence and positivity 

Experience of any of the following is desirable. Alternatively the proven ability to learn these types of competences quickly would be valuable:

  • Budgeting and accounting 
  • Leading a small and growing organisation in the charity/impact space 
  • Fundraising 
  • Law and governance in the charity sector
  • Hospitality management 

Compensation and benefits

  • A salary of £35,000-£55,000, pro rata, depending on experience 
  • 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year 
  • The opportunity to live on site at no cost, with free vegan food – As well as the financial incentive of free bed and board, this is a great chance to live among a diverse community of talented and impact-driven people. However we recognise it will not suit everyone and are open to candidates living off site and commuting in.
  • £1,000 annual equipment and training budget 


To express your interest, please share your contact details and CV here. We will then notify you when applications open, which we expect to be in the autumn, with a start date of around November. Please note that these timelines are estimates only since the role is dependent on us securing sufficient funding.