Opportunity: Operations Manager

CEEALAR (formerly the EA Hotel) is a registered charity and Effective Altruist (EA) community hub in the North West of England. We host people working on promising charitable projects, be they research, remote charity work, self-study, starting new EA-aligned charities, or similar.

We are looking for a dedicated Operations Manager. Your role will be to oversee the daily operations of CEEALAR, making sure everything runs smoothly, and providing tasty food for our grantees – facilitating their productivity in order to help maximise the value of their work to the world.

You will be based at CEEALAR in Blackpool; you’ll have your own room with an en suite bathroom and as much free vegan food as you’d like.

Person specification:


  • Conscientious, motivated, committed (regular hours), organised (regular use of task manager / to do lists, checklists, delegation, outsourcing where necessary). Gets things done.
  • High awareness (spot things that need doing), initiative.
  • UK/EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship (we have not yet completed the paperwork necessary to employ people from countries outside of this list).


  • Communication skills (verbal, written), people person. Experience dealing with tradespeople.
  • Good cook, sympathetic to veganism.
  • Service oriented. Excited to help forward the missions of our grantees.
  • Familiar with Effective Altruism, and goal-aligned.

Tasks – 

  • Cook dinner nightly, wash dishes, keep buffet stocked and tidy, maintain food hygiene standards.
  • Daily cleaning and tidying of common areas.
  • Coordinate with Cleaner to ensure all rooms are cleaned and beds changed on a regular basis.
  • Laundry (or oversee rota/volunteering/outsourcing).
  • Daily checks of boilers, and post/deliveries.
  • Weekly shopping; inventory management.
  • Weekly fire alarm tests; health and safety management; Ensure all Health & Safety regulations are adhered to.
  • Manage waste (fortnightly bin collections).
  • Building maintenance and improvements (DIY or outsource; the building is old and in need of repair).
  • Organise and host weekly Friday group meetings (logistics, talks, events), in coordination with the Community & Projects Manager.
  • Managing bookings and grantee database.
  • Grantee onboarding, in coordination with the Community & Projects Manager.
  • Help keep website up to date (general and guest information), in coordination with the Community & Projects Manager.
  • Manage finances – payroll (weekly), stipends, bills, accounts, taxes.
  • Daily engagement with task management software (Quire) to prioritise tasks and record progress.
  • Take regular days off and organise cover for yourself for these days.

Pay and hours: This is a full-time role: 5 days, 30+ hours a week (hours are flexible, but there are tasks that need to be done daily and weekly). £9/hr + 28 days/year holiday pay (equivalent pay is £10 per hour worked) + free room and board (equivalent annual salary based on full-time 37.5 hours a week is ~£21.5k). There is funding available for this role for at least the first 6 months, and future increases in pay are a possibility, contingent on CEEALAR successfully raising more funds.

To apply, please fill in this Google Form. Applications close at 23:59 BST on August 31st. Applicants will be assessed by the CEEALAR Trustees, with input from trusted advisors. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview with the Trustees via video call. The successful applicant will be offered the job subject to passing a 3 month probationary period.

Covid-19: As a large group of people living and working together, we have taken – and remain to take – the pandemic very seriously, and are continuing to take precautions in excess of those mandated by the government. As such we will require new people to take a test for current infection and self-isolate in their rooms prior to a negative result (or for 10 days if not tested) if joining the hotel. We are happy to provide mail order saliva tests. Those currently at the hotel have agreed not to visit places with high infection risk, such as pubs and clubs, and we will expect you to do the same, pending revision of the policy via collective agreement. In your role you will help facilitate meetings around Covid-19 precautions. A second spike in cases will warrant further deliberation on extra precautions to take as a group.